Do not stand or walk after administering Anapen®. Always call TRIPLE ZERO (000) and advise ANAPHYLAXIS

Training Devices

Anapen® Training Devices

Before using Anapen® for the first time, it is important you know how to use the device correctly.

The Anapen® 3D tool is a great resource for training. In addition, Anapen® Training Devices (trainers) are available so you can physically practice the steps.

Trainers do not have a needle and do not contain adrenaline.

Anapen® trainers can be used repeatedly but will tire with time and excessive use.

Watch the video or download the instructions for firing and resetting to maximise the life of the Anapen® training device.

Watch the video

Anapen® Training Devices can be purchased from


Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA)

or from your local pharmacy or first aid supplier.