Do not stand or walk after administering Anapen®. Always call TRIPLE ZERO (000) and advise ANAPHYLAXIS

Frequently Asked Questions


Anapen® is an adrenaline autoinjector used for the treatment of anaphylaxis, an acute severe allergic reaction to insect stings, drugs and other allergens.

Anapen® is available in three doses – Anapen® Junior 150mcg, Anapen® 300mcg and Anapen® 500mcg.

Each dose has a different colour label. Green for Anapen® Junior 150mcg, orange for Anapen® 300mcg and purple for Anapen® 500mcg.

Yes, Anapen® is listed on the PBS.

Yes. As a Pharmacist Only Medicine, Anapen® is available without a prescription.

However, before purchasing you will need to discuss Anapen® with your pharmacist who will determine if the product is appropriate for you.

No, it is best that if you have been prescribed Anapen®, you have an Anapen® Action Plan and vice versa.

Your healthcare professional will complete this for you.

Yes, that is why different doses are recommended. Your healthcare professional will determine which dose of Anapen® is best for you.

No. Anapen® and EpiPen® are both adrenaline autoinjectors and have the same active ingredient, but the devices are different as are the steps to use. It is important you know how to use the device you have been prescribed.

Click here for How to Use.

Keep Anapen® in a cool dry place and protected from light. A temperature range between 15°C to 25°C is acceptable. Do not refrigerate or freeze.

If you know you are going to be outside for an extended time on a hot day, consider purchasing an insulated pouch such as an Isothermal bag from Medactiv. To purchase, or for more information, visit Medactiv or ask your pharmacist.

No. Anapen® is for single use only. If additional adrenaline is required, use a second Anapen® device.

Yes, Anapen® trainers are available. Purchase from your local pharmacy, first aid supplier or any of the organisations listed on the Trainer page.